What is Dutch Crunch Bread?

What is Dutch Crunch Bread?

Our new Dutch Crunch bread has become quite popular.  In fact, customers now will have the option to substitute it out for other breads at no cost during this promotional period. 

Origins of the Dutch Crunch appears to be from the Netherlands where they refer to it as “Tiger Bread” because of the crust like patterns.  In the UK, it is sometimes referred to as Giraffe Bread.

Dutch Crunch is a dense soft bread with a crackled top.   This crunchy topping is formed when the rice-yeast paste on top of the bread  crackles during the baking process.

Dutch Crunch has been described as a sweeter chewy white bread with a moist crackle crust.

Dutch Crunch is available for any sandwich.

Try it on your favorite sandwich at no additional cost during October and November 2015.

Dutch Crunch is available for a limited time only at all 9 locations during our Blue Dutch Sandwich promotion.

You can eat it anytime at Baggin’s Gourmet at the William Center (Broadway/Craycroft)

Try the Blue Dutch Sandwich

Blue Dutch Sandwich



October Manager Special  is the Blue Dutch Sandwich

Get this sandwich and a regular size drink $8.95


What is the Blue Dutch Sandwich?

It is our newest creation available for a limited time.

Delicious prime roast beef, blue cheese crumbles, lettuce, red onions,

drizzled with our housemade Blue cheese dressing served on our Dutch Crunch Bread.

Special is available at all locations and online.

What is Dutch Crunch Bread?


Origins of the Dutch Crunch appears to be from the Netherlands where they refer to it as “Tiger Bread” because of the crust like patterns.  In the UK, it is sometimes referred to as Giraffe Bread.

This crunchy topping is formed when the rice-yeast paste on top of the bread  crackles during the baking process.

Dutch Crunch is available for a limited time only at all 9 locations during our Blue Dutch Sandwich promotion.

You can eat it anytime at Baggin’s Gourmet at the William Center (Broadway/Craycroft)

Desserts Are Baking Right Now!


Did you know that we bake all of our own desserts daily?

 Really. We do.

Baggin's famous lil' chocolate chip cookie

Baggin’s famous lil’ chocolate chip cookie

And we do not bring in frozen desserts, bake them and pass them off as our own.  We really make each dessert from the start to end in our kitchen.

Our famous chocolate chip cookie is what started this whole Baggin’s journey 31 years ago.  We are still using that same recipe today.

Our delicious rum cakes and carrots cakes that are sliced in the stores can be purchased whole to take home.  You cannot beat a made-just-for-you whole cake that you can take to parties or serve after dinner at your own home. Starting in October, they start flying off the racks in our kitchen for holiday Parties.

Reserve one for you by calling a day ahead so we can add you to the bake list.  

Baggin's delicious whole rum cake $15.00

Have been in to try our newest dessert?  The Zesty Limoncello Mini-Bundt Cake.

 This was a dessert that went through our test kitchen for months before we released

the most perfect version. 

Zesty Limoncello Mini Bundt cake

Zesty Limoncello Mini Bundt cake


Our desserts can be customized so that you are getting your most favorite desserts.  

Our dessert platters can include all of our delicious choices or you choose your best combination. 

Perfect Holiday Platter..

Perfect Dessert Platter


Desserts platters can be served in our baskets, too


To place a catering order, please call your nearest location at least one or two days in advance:

Church and Pennington
(520) 792-1344Speedway and Treat
(520) 327-4342

Campbell and Ft. Lowell
(520) 327-1611Williams Center
(520) 305-3922

Oracle and Orange Grove
(520) 575-8878Kolb and Speedway
(520) 290-9383

Oro Valley
(520) 547-2839Valencia and Country Club
(520) 917-5070


Arizona Pavilions (Cortaro)

(520) 441-4122

Gourmet Garden Salad in a Bread Bowl

The NEW Gourmet Garden Salad is on special through September 2015

The NEW Gourmet Garden Salad is on special through September 2015







We have got a salad for you!


Even though this salad is jam packed with the freshest & crunchiest veggies around, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy it.


You can add turkey, chicken, egg  or ham to make it the perfect salad for you.


This salad starts with a mixed green lettuce base. We add sliced carrots, cucumbers, sprouts, red onion, mushrooms,

tomatoes & green bell peppers with our toasted croutons

  & served in our  yummy house baked bread bowl.



You choose your own dressing to top off the perfect salad combination. Our dressings are not manufactured with chemicals and preservatives.

We make it fresh daily from whole ingredients  in our main kitchen daily

 Special comes with this salad and a regular size drink.



Valid in house and online.

Order online here 

Find your neighborhood location here

Baggin’s Manager Sandwich Special


It’s back……..




Limited Time only

Limited Time only

New Sandwich Alert!!!!

includes this sandwich
your choice chips &
a regular size drink
Baggin’s in-house made chicken salad with juicy sliced tomatoes,
spring greens with fresh pesto on Italian white bread. 


Get it toasted for a crunchy yumminess!
Valid online , too 
For Baggin’s deals and specials…. get on our list today! 
Get on the text list!

Get on the text list!




Baggin’s Employee Spotlight

Employee:  Andy Vargas 

Position:  Delivery Driver



In June, I received a Facebook message from a customer regarding an employee of ours and his recent actions.






We love getting messages about our employees.  We have a lot of good ones and it is nice to hear that our customers can see this, too.

While trying to research what employee from our 9 locations, I stumbled upon this customer’s personal Facebook page to find another enthusiastic post about how grateful this customer was regarding our employee’s brief actions.  A small action can sometimes be just the thing another person needs.  Thank you, Jeff for letting us share your post.




We found that this AWESOME employee was Andy Vargas.   He has worked for us since April of 2012 as a delivery driver.

We also found out that he is a competitive chess player as well.  Below is a picture of Andy at a recent competition where he came in 4th out of 87.  He is standing next to one of his opponents.  Andy mentioned that this competitor has his eyes dilated and programmed to work with a computer that moves his chess pieces on a board.  He enjoyed meeting him and his family and will stay in touch with them.

One of Baggin's best assets, Andy


As you can tell, Andy is a talented and kind person and we are lucky to have him with us.

Thank you for being you.

We appreciate your service here at Baggin’s Gourmet Sandwiches.

Chicken Caesar Salad Bread Bowl on Special






Manager Special


Limited Time Only

Chicken Caesar Salad in a Bread Bowl

Have you tried our Chicken Caesar Salad yet? We are featuring our yummy Chicken Caesar Salad in our house baked bread bowls this month.  We use the freshest romaine sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, topped with our  oven roasted chicken garnished with lemon served in our bread bowls.  Our chicken is made from our family recipes baked and sliced by us.

No process deli meat at our stores.  

This special is available in house and online .  




Chicken Caesar Salad served in our bread bowl with a regular your-choice drink

Limited time only

What Food Should I Order for my Catering?


Here are some ideas for you!



Don’t forget to check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page for more info!

Try our GIANT SUB SANDWICHES . Each foot feeds around 6 people.  These are no generic sub-place foot long sandwiches.  These are GIANT 3-4 inch wide by 12 inches long.  You can get any of our Baggin’s signature sandwiches on our gourmet giant sub bread or build your own creation.   These can even be added to a basket style catering as well.  Your event. Your choice.  This is perfect for casual gatherings like graduation parties, sporting events, kids birthday parties and more.


Baggin’s GIANT sub sandwiches


You can even get your lunch time favorites in our famous basket caterings.  There is no extra charge for  the use of our premium baskets.   They are a borrowed item and must be returned within 24 hours to the store.  Our basket caterings create quite a stir at most client luncheons and parties because it looks like you took a lot of time to create such a quaint tablescape for your clients or guests. Shh!  We won’t tell your secret.  Our caterings in baskets are impressive when we decorate with tissue paper and fresh flowers.  If you do not want to be responsible for baskets and need to breakdown your event quickly, we recommend our disposable  Baggin’s sandwich boxes and trays.  They are decorated the same as our baskets but can be easily packed up or  thrown away.

Did you know we provide colorful tissue paper and flowers to all of our caterings. Tell us your color scheme in advance and we will try our best to arrange your catering to match.

Did you know that all caterings come with our delicious chocolate chip cookie, too.  


Basket style caterings create the perfect tablescape for your event


Put your favorite table cloth on and let our decorated caterings provide the yumminess and decoration.


We do salads, too. Order individual salads or a large catering salad that feeds 8-12 people. They can even be set up as a build-your-own salad.  

Cobb Salad

Regular single size Cobb salad

build your own salads

Build your own GIANT Cobb salad.


What about the sides?  Yep! We do it all from veggie and fruit platters to our in-house made deli salads.

We sell all of our Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Chinese Sesame, Chicken Bow Tie, and Pasta Salad all by the pound. Each pound feeds 4 to 5 people. 

Pasta Salad by the pound for your event

Pasta Salad by the pound for your event

Chinese Sesame Deli Salad  Recipe by the founders mom, Betty Jane

Chinese Sesame Deli Salad
Recipe by the founders mom, Betty Jane


Our veggie and fruit platters are made that day.  Veggies and fruit are hand picked by our managers and arranged on a large platter.  

All Baggin’s salad dressings are made in house daily.  We do a lot in that kitchen of ours. We believe we have the best Ranch dressing in town. It is included with our veggie trays. 

Fruit platters come with seasonal fruit and arranged on our platters with lush green leaf for dividers and our homemade fruit dip.


Baggin's Veggie Platter

Baggin’s Veggie platter made on the day of your event. Ranch dressing included and made in our kitchen that day.

Baggin's Fruit Platters

Baggin’s Fruit Platters. Seasonal fruit chosen just for you

We do breakfast caterings, too!  From fried egg and cheese sandwiches to scrambled eggs with veggies or our famous egg salad all served on a yummy croissant.  Our mini muffin platters serve 8-10 and come with whipped honey butter.  We offer coffee and juice as well for your function. 

Banana Nut, Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon mini muffin platter.

Banana Nut, Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon mini muffin platter.

We can’t forget about desserts….  You can choose from a dessert platter to your favorite in house cake made whole just for you.

 Some people order extra chocolate chip cookie trays or buy a sheet of our delicious brownies.  

Dessert platters feed

Dessert platters

Golden rum cake made fresh daily at Baggin's main kitchen

Golden rum cake made fresh daily at Baggin’s main kitchen

Baggin’s Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Our mini bundt cakes or single sliced rum and carrot cakes can be baked as a whole cake for your event. Each will be boxed and decorated to go.  They are $18.00 with 24 hours notice.

Please check our menu for current pricing.  

Zesty Limoncello Mini Bundt cakes


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

Sooooo….. how do I order?  

All of our caterings are handled within your neighborhood Baggin’s stores.    A list of our locations —–> here

A catering menu can be found ——-> here

What if I don’t know how much food I need?

Our managers are trained to walk you through your order.  They will ask you about the type of event, who will be attending and other pertinent questions to guide you to the best options.  Our philosophy is that we want you to be happy and not overspend on your event. We know that a sandwich to person ratio is often too much on most occasions.   After being in business for over 30 years, we are pretty good at figuring out what will work and  what will provide your guests or clients with the perfect amount.

Who should I speak with at your store? 

You can speak to the manager or assistant manager.  They are best trained to guide you through your budget and event needs.  Please call in the morning 8-10:30 or anytime after 2 pm.  Our phones lines are typically busy during lunch time and we don’t want you to wait.   You may also make an appointment to chat with the manager in person.

Your chocolate chip cookie is free with a sandwich purchase in the store. Do I have to pay for them on a catering?

No!  Our chocolate chip cookies are who we are. We started business with that little chocolate chip cookie and think that is the perfect sized little top-off to our sandwiches. It is always FREE with any sandwich purchase including caterings.   Our chocolate chip cookies are sold by the dozens if you want to take more home.

Baggin's famous lil' chocolate chip cookie

Baggin’s famous lil’ chocolate chip cookie

I need gluten free and vegetarian options. Do you have any?  

We take all dietary needs seriously.  Our managers can provide many options for you and answer any ingredient questions you may have.  For our gluten-free customers, we offer delicious sandwiches made as a salad.  We can also do lettuce wraps, too.  For caterings, we offer our single size salads as well as catering salads that can feed 8-12 people.  You can choose any of our Signature salads or make your own salad.  At this time, we do not offer gluten free breads.

Vegetarians seem to always choose our famous veggie sandwiches. We will plate them on different trays to separate them if needed.  Vegans often will take off the cheese on our Veggie sandwich. Both options are available for caterings.  Please check with the manager about gluten-free and vegan free dressing options.

I have a few people who are allergic to nuts. Should I tell the manager while ordering my catering? 

YES, YES and YES!  We take all food allergies seriously and do our best to accommodate all people.  Even if you do not order sandwiches that do not seem to have nuts, please tell us.  Our popular 12 grain bread is made with several different kinds of grains and nuts in which we make on our sandwich line. Please tell us so that when we make your sandwiches, we can sanitize the area and use different knives and spreaders.  There is always a chance of cross contamination when building on the same sandwich board.

We can certainly plate your nut-free sandwiches separate from the rest of your order. Just let us know.

Your manager can guide you to the best choices.

Can I pick up a whole Limoncello Cake on my way home? 

We bake all of our cakes daily so we need 24 hours in advance for all of our whole desserts.  Your choices are Zesty Limoncello, Delicious Rum Cake and Famous Carrot Cake.  These are boxed and decorated to go for you. Each cake is $18.00.

How long do I need for a catering order?

The more time you give us the better. We can better help you choose and guide you with more time. We recommend 24 to 72 hours for most caterings.

I am having a lot of people to my party.  What is the most a store can handle? 

We do caterings from 2 people to 2000 people and more.  We often are asked to cater large events at churches, festivals and fairgrounds.  We can even arrange for our refrigerated trucks to deliver your food for large functions.



Honeywell catering for their employees

We recently did a large bagged lunch catering for Vail Pride Day at the fairgrounds.  This is the initial setup at one of our stores so that our trucks could deliver them fresh and cold.

Bagged lunch catering

Bagged lunch catering

 And we go to many school functions and festivals. 


We are available for festivals, school fundraisers and fun event parties.

My co-worker arranged for a VIP catering? What is that? 

This is an extra service where we will help set your tables for you. We will bring bring and set up your food as well as bring tablecloths and certain elevation pieces to make sure your food stands out.  We set up the order and decorate with flowers and garnish.  All food is displayed with our premium baskets.  This is a great option if you are short on time to set up the food and tables yourself.  We even bring extra flowers and garnish the table for professional decorated look. The starting charge for VIP caterings is $25.00

VIP catering

VIP catering




What is your $8.00 catering fee? 

Our catering fee covers the supplies you use and the extra labor needed to decorate and package your catering.  We bring in flowers and other decor items for caterings.  We put a lot of time in making sure your food will impress your guests and clients.  It also includes the utensils, napkins and plates you will need for your event.  The $8.00 does not cover non returned baskets.

What if I choose not to return that cute basket after my luncheon?  

When you choose to use our baskets for catering, you are borrowing them. We do not charge deposits on our baskets but we will charge you $25.00 per baskets if arrangements or drop-offs does not happen within a 24 hour period.  This covers the replacement cost to the store in labor, time and actual baskets.

I have a breakfast meeting? Can you help me?  

Yes. We can! We serve yummy egg & cheese  sandwiches on croissants with your choice bacon or house baked ham.  We also bake our own mini muffins.


I hope this helps you for your future meetings, events and parties.  Please feel free to contact the main office or any store if you have questions.  

Baggin’s Sandwich & Catering Gift Cards

We have 3 ways to get your Baggin’s Sandwich & Catering Gift Cards


1)  Go to any of our Tucson/Marana locations.  Click here for all 9 locations. You choose the quanity and denomination.  Can be purchased and redeemed at any location


Gift cards at Baggin's



2)  Tucson Costco locations carry our local Baggin’s gift cards.  You get  4–  $25.00 gift cards for $79.99. That is 20% off all your Unforgettables anytime.

Baggin's at Costco!


3) Shop from home via our website.  Click here

Best carrot cake in town

Order gift cards and spice tea from home! 


February & March Sandwich Special



Available through March 2015!  Order at any 9 Tucson locations and online!